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 Masks for you: Anastasia

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PostSubject: Masks for you: Anastasia   Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:02 pm

Download link: sendspace.com/file/nqorow


- They're all 720p - that's the quality I always work with and I have no other. I made them for my own videos so some of them are really ugly.Smile)

- You can use them in any way you want. Credit (to my channel: katarinamor) is nice, but you can use them without crediting me. I'd be happy if you gave me the link to whatever you used these masks for, I'm just curious to see what you make.Smile

Tips for beginners:

- Use Chroma Keyer to cut the background.

- Don't forget to Disable Resample. After importing the file into your Sony Vegas project timeline: right button click onto the event: Switches - Disable Resample. Doing this will prevent animation from getting messed up by Sony Vegas.

- You might also want to change things like Velocity, HSL Adjust and Color Balance to suit your video and your story.

Happy vidding!Smile
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Masks for you: Anastasia
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